About cancellation

Please inform it of the cancellation by all means regardless of the day / the day before.

In the case of the cancellation by the E-mail, I will do it with the completion of the cancellation procedure at a point in time when a confirmation email of the cancellation to send it to reached the visitor from the hotel.

In the case of the cancellation, please understand that a prescribed cancellation fee occurs.

   Date when
Cancellation of Contract Notified
Contracted Number of
  No Show Accommodation
1 Day Prior to
Accommodation Day
9 Day Prior to
Accommodation Day
1 to 14
100 80 20  
15 and more
100 80 50 20

When arrival was largely over plan time, there can be the thing that I cannot prepare a room.
When arrival is late, please contact it by all means to a hotel.

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About cancellation
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